“The final report will be held in the second off party. ]

“I enjoyed the off party ~ (o^ o^) Shi ☆”

It is a report of the off -party. I was a very fulfilling day. 카지노사이트 It would be fun to talk to the mania like this. I think there were many platforms that I couldn’t see in Sloga Sen …

■ A timeless masterpiece in movie history. ―――

Memories of the movie “Casablanca”.

The movie “Casablanca”. Rick’s “Cheers to your eyes. (Here’s Looking at You, Kid.)”.

I don’t really remember when I saw the movie “Casablanca” for the first time.

Someday in the 1960s, when I was a student, I lived in a dormitory in Ginza. However, I didn’t know the deep meaning at all. I saw it twice and three times, and I finally realized the greatness.

“Ryoko, can I do it in my hand?”

“Oh, I’m always crying!”

But I had nothing to do in a dark movie theater. I wanted to get rid of it. Then, Ryoko’s hand stretched out and his hand was tight. This created a misunderstanding.

Ryoko said, “I want Ryoko tonight.”

Ryoko came back to mean OK.

The student’s Jibun could not understand such a jargon, and after watching the movie with Ryoko, he quickly returned to Jibun’s dormitory. Ryoko wrote a long letter, and

“How do you think about me?”

“I like Ryoko,” he wrote.

After a while, Ryoko invited me to the movie again.

This was an American movie called “Queen Bee” with Charlie McLane. On the way back, I succeeded in taking away Ryoko’s body at a hotel in Shibuya. Then I went to Ginza, and in a time when there was only one fan in the room, I drank Coca -Cola in Ginkin and read Henri Barbus’s “Hell” or Kamiyu’s “Gentiles”.

What I was interested in in the movie “Casablanca” was just the floating motivation of wanting Ryoko.

A mysterious man appears in the movie “Casablanca”.

He is an unidentified man named Razuro. Rick doesn’t know what days she had spent after hiding in Paris after hiding in Paris.

The movie was set in 1942 in the French territory Morocco Casablanca.

First, Casablanca is a Hollywood movie, but it is a work created based on the conflict between the Allies and the Axis side in World War II, where the United States also participated in World War II. For that reason, the film contains a lot of propaganda elements that are axis.

Note that the Vichy administration, who has ruled French colonies, such as the mainland of the German army and the North Africa and the French Indochina, is the Vichy administration, led by Philippetan. It is a movie that resists the Vichy administration, which is involved in Germany. For this reason, many “anti -German scenes” supporting “Free France” appear.

In the opening scene, there is a scene where French people in the German Resistance fall down by a police officer on the Vichy administration before the portrait of the Leader Philip Petan, the leader of the Vichy administration. And there is a scene where Rick does not let the man who listens to the “German Bank’s former side” in the gambling hall. Moreover, Rick breaks it without receiving the German bank check.

Laslo is originally a “free France” man, and a man who wants to cooperate with him comes, and evidence that he is Raslo’s ally shows a ring with the free French symbol “Lorene Cross”.

Rick has a scene where Roulette wins the fugitive, which was to make a visa funding.

The movie “Casablanca”. From left to Razuro, Ilza, Rick. ――Ingrid Bergman was 175 cm tall and Humphrey Bogart was 173 cm.

Rick Brain is the owner of the Casablanca bar “Cafe American”.

Razuro is resentful of the German military officers singing the German patriot song “The Guard of the Line” in the store, and the band plays the French national anthem “La Marseye” and competes against it. Then, all customers in the store stand up and sing “La Marseye”.

In the last scene, Renault, who revealed that it was actually a Sympa of the German Resistance, saw the 슬롯나라 label of “Vicy Water” drawn on the mineral water and thrown it at the trash.

In the last scene, Renault’s Chief of Rick promoted Rick and Brazville was because it was the dominant area of ​​France.

At Casablanca Port, after the Operation Torch, Touji, a German allies, a German alliance, an Italian military officer in Casablanca, picks up Major Strasser, but is no longer opponent. Ferrari, an Italian entrepreneur, who has partitioned the Casablanca market, has become a potential collaborator of Rick, and has been dealt with by military people. At that time, Italy was on the verge of declaring war on the alliance and declaring war on Germany. It is depicted as a scene where Italian Partisan and French resistance cooperate. It is a scene that was not really good.

Rick can only know that he knew the situation of Italian Partisan.

Japan, which is a major structure of the Axis, is not depicted in Casablanca, a distant Casablanca, not only in the Pacific Ocean and the Southeast Asian Front, but also from the Indian Ocean and the African East Coast Front.

So, in line with the historical facts, just before the release of the movie, on November 8, 1942, the British and the U.S. Army landed on the French territory under the Viche government in the North Africa. Was mokuron. Three days later, the “torch strategy” began on November 11, and Casablanca’s Vichy administration surrendered, and Casablanca fell into the “French France” and fell into the Allied Forces.

Renault, the chief of the French police, was in a delicate position.

“Lorraine Cross”. The official symbol of “France Libre” under Charles de Galle.

Since France was occupied by Germany, he had to listen to German orders indirectly. In other words, it was not possible to ignore Gestapo’s order indirectly.

The interaction between Renault and Rick is subtle. When Major Germany’s Strasser arrives, Rick sees a bitterly smiling, watching Renault, who is heading immediately.

Renault says.

“You are overestimating the influence of Gestapo. I don’t disturb Gestapo. And Gestapo doesn’t disturb me. In Casablanca, it’s me who decides my fate (Captain Renault: My Dear Ricky, You Overestimate The Gestapo. I don’t Interfere with and the internafere with me.

Renault is the chief of the French Casablanca, and is in a position to follow the German orders because France is occupied by Germany. Rick is a relationship like a rotten edge. He is in a position to win, instead of acknowledging the operation of illegal casinos. There was also a mission that always watched Rick, who was originally an activist.

Razuro has Renault at the site where Rick buys a passage.

Then Laslo will arrest! And Rick is called.

Despite riding a plan for Rick, he was pointed by Rick on the way, heading to the airfield, and gave a flight permission.

At the fog airfield, when Rick shoots Major Strasser, he will miss it. This was because Renault had a rebellion in Germany’s mouth and was connected to the resistance.

Renault is a woman who loves women and has a good money to get a departure visa. However, Rick, who knew that he was being asked for the Bulgarian female Anina, lost the opportunity to hold her because she won her husband in roulette.

Renault’s excitement is a lot, and he knows the murderer of the German contact, but he dared to come to Rick’s store and arrested in front of Major German Strasser in the store, and he has a strong ability. Try to show you the place. A bribe is included in issuing a departure visa, and Renault receives it like.

――There, Ryoko hugged my left arm tightly.

Really Lichard Kudenhof -Count Calergy. In the movie, he claims to be Razuro.

When Razuro comes, he checks the status of Casablanca in order to grasp Rick’s past. And like the weathercock, he looks at Germany’s mood and looks into the pride as the Chief of the French police.

Ilza says.

“I’m sorry, Richard, but you’re the last hope. If you didn’t help, Victor Razuro would die in Casablanca.”

Rick “What happened? I’m going to die in Casablanca. It’s a good place to die. (ILSA: Richard, I’m Sorry. US, Victor Laszlo WILL DIE in CASABLANCA.

Rick: What of it? I’m gonna die in Casablanca. It’s a good spot for it.)

The movie “Casablanca”. As time passes.

The four of Rick, Ilsa, Razuro, and Renault are coming to the airfield together. He threatened Renault, the chief of the French police in order to get the flight permission, and brought it together.

Ilza, who confessed love to Rick, intends to remain in Casablanca with Rick. But Rick says he leaves with Ilza’s husband’s husband, Razuro. Ilza is upset. Rick persuades Ilza.

“If you don’t fly with Laslo, you will regret it. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but I will regret it soon, and it is the rest of my life. IF that Plane Leaves Leaves and You’re Not With Him, You’ll Regret It. Maybe Not Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow, But Soon, and for the Rest of Your Life.)

“I’m not a big person, but in this crazy world, we know that we are not enough to take the problem. Much to See That the Problems of THREE LITTLE PEOPLE DON’T Amount to A Hill of Beans in this Crazy World. “

“Cheers to your eyes. (Here’s Looking at You, Kid.)”

This is the fourth time, “Cheers of your eyes”, which has been used four times in the movie “Casablanca”.

Rick at this time is wearing a trench coat. It is a trench coat that can be said to be a synonym for Humphrey Bogart.

Rick loves Ilsa deeply, sees Razuro, who is sparbing his life for the “cause,” and puts them on an airplane to leave Lisbon.

Razuro wears this unidentified hemp white summer suit. ――What is he?

What does Irza say, “If you didn’t help, Victor Razuro would die in Casablanca?” Rick must think there.

――Ilza was when Rick turned his handgun and demanded a passage. Ilza’s moist eyes were also impressive. Rick is a scene where you can approach near Ilza so that you can easily shoot.

“Laslo will die in Casablanca if you leave it as it is. Help me!” To Die in Casablanca. It’s a good spot for it.) He pushes.

But Rick instantly saw Ilza’s true intentions.

I wasn’t just flying with Razuro because I was an Ilza’s husband.

General de Gaulle who is parade before the Arc de Triomphe.

A gentleman Razuro in a white hemp suit played by Paul Henrid is clearly projected to Count Lichalt Kudenhof, the “Father of the EU,” a Pan -European advocate. The real Lichard Kudenhof -Count Calerie has fled to the United States from another country.

The mother Kudenhof -Calergy Countess, who grew up, had already died on August 27, 1941, the previous year.

General De Gaule set up “France” in London, returned to France with resistance, and released Paris with the Allies on August 25, 1944.

The film is a mysterious fiction movie, but scattered everywhere in a tremendous historical fact. At that time, the United States did not yet have a clear postwar European strategy. However, Hollywood clearly ahead of it, helping Europe’s exile, which was the first, and secretly hitting the Pan -European strategy. That was Rick’s “cause”.

[Postscript] In Rick’s office. Confidential: Confidential.

Confidential stamps are pressed on confidential documents. Strictly Confidential is a secret.

Laszlo:You must know it’s very important I get out of Cssablanca.It’s my privilege to be one of the leaders of a great movement.You know what I have been doing.You know what it means to the work, to the lives of thousands And Thousands of People That I Be Free to Reach America and Continue My Work. I’m. I know I have come. I know how important it is for millions of work and life to be free to go to the United States and continue my mission. is not it)

Rick: I’m not Interested in Politics.The Problems of the World Are IN My DepultMent.i’m a Saloonkeeper. You’re the owner.)

“How was the movie good?”

“I don’t want to go home tonight.”

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