ONE-NETBOOK TECHNOLOGY is looking for testers for small notebook PCs “ONEMIX 4S” equipped with the 12th generation Core processor until September 3 (ITMEDIA PC User)

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8/26 (Fri) 16:13 Delivery

One-netbook is looking for a tester for “ONEMIX 4S”. On August 25, ONE-NetBook Technology has started recruiting internal testers for the next small PC “ONEMIX 4S” worldwide. The application deadline is September 3, and you can apply from Japan. [Photo] The application procedure for the current model “ONEMIX4 Platinum Edition” tester is as follows. 1. Follow the official Twitter account of ONE-NetBook (English / Japanese) 2. Retweet specified tweets (English / Japanese) 3. Enter the foam from the URL described in the retweet tweet, enter the form. It is okay to input in Chinese and Japanese in addition to English.

Overview of ONEMIX 4s has been released with “S” on the “ONEMIX” series that has powered up the CPU in the “ONEMIX” series. The same is true for this oneMix 4S, the position of the “ONEMIX 4” CPU, which is the upper version that changed from the 11th generation Core processor (development code name: Tiger Lake) to the 12th generation 카지노 Core processor (Development code name: ALDER LAKE). Become. However, no more information has been disclosed at this time. As you can see the videos attached to the one-netbook official Twitter account, it seems that there will be no major changes from OneMix 4. The main specifications of the current ONEMIX 4 are described below as a reference (reference) of ONEMIX 4.・ CPU: 11th generation Core processor main memory: LPDDR4X standard (up to 16GB) ・ Storage: SSD (PCI Express connection) ・ Display: 10.1 type LTPS liquid crystal (maximum resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels, touch operation / pen input) ・External port: USB4 × 2, USB 3.0 Type-C × 1, microSDXC memory card slot, earphone / microphone combo terminal


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