Meet twice, the rediscovery of Interra Ken, a good city

Interlaken, which departs the railway to Jungfra, is located between two lakes,

It is a city with two stations.

That’s why it is also fate to meet the city twice at the beginning and end of the trip.

Located between Toon Lake and Lake Brianz, Interlaken is a gateway city where all Jungfrau travelers pass. For two hours from Zurich, you will arrive at Interlaken Ost Station. It is not so big that it is enough in 30 minutes to 1 hour to travel to the AARE and Old Towns along the Höheweg street.

Convenient accommodation and skilled restaurants. The size of the shops offers all the convenience, which is a wasteful city to enjoy it and leave. There are two lakes, so it’s twice the joy of traveling to the lake on a cruise ship! It is 크레이지슬롯 also an architectural heritage opened in 1859, Congress Center Kursaal, which serves as a casino, a venue and a conference center.


Strandbadstrasse 44, 3800 Interlake, Switzerland

Even though it is a busy city that needs to welcome many tourists, the reason why you can feel leisure and margin is in Höhematte. It is a law that the local hotel officials gathered to prevent the landscape of Jungfrau from the Interra Ken to prevent any buildings in this place. Thanks to this, if you are watching the panoramic Jungfrau view, colorful paragliding in the sky all day will come down like a grace. In Unorsen, the old house, old house and old -fashioned churches are centered on the city hall. It’s fun to find a 100 -year -old restaurant and a cafe.


3800 Interlake, Switzerland

Although it is not well known, Interra Ken’s golf course can be a new choice of Jungfrau’s nature. The outstanding attraction of Interlake-Unterson Golf Club is the reality that the imagination of flying tee shots toward Alps’ snow mountain is a reality.

Behind the advantages, there are environmental and natural rules that are required because they are in contact with the nature protection zone. In order to protect local species, it cannot enter the ecological bridge zone, but hires greenkeepers to conduct environmental monitoring activities. It is also a site where important efforts are made in terms of coexistence of sports and nature. In fact, everything I saw in the Jungfrau area was. A life where respect and challenge for nature intersect. It was a landscape where the Alps and humans blend well.

The GOLFCLUB Interlake Club (GOLFCLUB Interlake), which can fly tee shots towards the Alpine snow mountain, is a member system, surrounded by two lakes and mountains, but a free reservation service to the buyer in Jungfrau Korea Distributor. It is provided.


Interlacken Golf Club

SEESTRASSE 117, 3800 UNTERSEEN, Switzerland

If the THUNERSEE cruise ship in the west is a fairy -tale village Spiez with a Romanesque church, such as the medieval and museums, such as the high -winded European landscapes, such as Eager, Toohi, and Jungfrau Peak, Brien in the east. Lake Brienzersee is a blend of the blue lake and the mountains to boast an exquisite panoramic landscape. VIP pass holders can use second class for free.

The Top of Europe Flagship Store of the Jungfrau Railway is in the center of Interlaken. The two floors are 1,000m2, and you can meet the products and souvenirs of Swiss brands such as Swatch, Lint & Supp Junkli and Victorinox in one place. If you present a VIP pass, you can get a 10% discount.

TOP of Europe Flagship Store

Höheweg 35, 3800 Interlake, Switzerland

Jungfrau = Written and Photo Cheon So -hyun / Covering Cooperation · Photo courtesy

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