If the two worlds 215 “Ordinance” rejects, they will proceed in the direction that does not create a casino!

The casino from the prefectural resident’s voucher from the prefectural government from the Secretariat’s Communications No.12 News

On TV coverage

Governor Yoshimura says, “There is no need to vote in residents.”

He said, “It’s important to hear the opposition’s opinions.”

The number of signatures exceeding 200,000 and the power of the citizens who collected it are beginning to change the situation.

● To the “Resident’s Testament Ordinance”! Start a new exercise!

▸ We will further develop the connection between the Osaka citizens and the “new exercise” created by the signature exercise.

I stepped on the second stage.

Let’s urge Governor Yoshimura and the Osaka Prefectural Assembly to realize a referendum.

▸ On June 19 (Sun), a meeting and exchange meeting will be held to determine the middle of the exercise and the 더존카지노 future policy.

Please join us.

~ Casino referendum directly breaks down the claim signature!

● June 6 (Monday) Signature book to 72 municipal election management committee of Osaka Prefecture, submit safely!

▸ The 6th is the day to engrave a new page in the history of Osaka Prefecture.

For the first time in 45 years, we have successfully submitted a direct claim signature in Osaka Prefecture.

The total number of signature is 208,947 brushes.

The statutory number of 146,472 people has greatly broken.

As of May 26, the number of employees was 7,729.

784 brushes in Sennan City.

Share your experience and take the next challenge! “2nd Send Stage” Startup Gathering

June 19th (Sun) 13: 00-17: 00 Place: Osaka City Ikuno Ward Interior Center Hall

★ For YouTu Brive broadcast, from the “Association” homepage https://vosaka.net/

Part 1 13: 00-15: 00 Base Trend report Teruo Sakurada (Professor of Hannan University)

Report of signature movement from each region

Activation / debate for the realization of a referendum

Part 2 15: 15-17: 00 Looking back on the signature movement,

Group discussion in the future “I will realize! Resident card”

◆ In order to share the joy of about 8,000 people who have collected signatures, those who have signed, those who have been associated with them, etc., and always realize a referendum I will interact with.

Please join us.

3-13-30JR Katsuyama Kita, Ikuno-ku, Osaka 800m southeast of Momotani Station ticket gate



2-3⁻ 3⁻ 3⁻, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Tenenville No.2 / 2nd floor

Phone 06⁻6585⁻0258 FAX 06⁻6585⁻0259

Email Office@vosaka.net

Homepage https://vosaka.net/

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