Compact DAP “RS2” adopted Hiby and R2R-DAC. Equipped with dual microSD slot (Phile Web)

Iida Piano will release the new HIBY brand DAP “HIBY RS2” on September 23. Reservations start on September 16th. Although the price is open, it is expected that the actual sale is around 77,000 yen including tax. A DAP that is positioned as an entry model of the “RS Series”, which is a new user interface. Following the digital signal processing “Darwin Architecture”, which is a characteristic of the series, a digital signal processing based on the conventional R2R circuit design. Equipped with advanced functions such as switching linear FIR filters and over -sampling / non -over sampling (NOS). The output stage uses a low -pass filter with a double -stage OPA1652 and OPA1612, and the amplifier is equipped with two OPA1622 amplifier. The combination of the independent 4 channels Current mode headphones and the high -quality digital volume controller NJW1195A has appealed to realize faithful output and high -precision control. The Linux -based OS “Hiby OS” is used to optimize audio processing from the system level, and by unloading wireless functions, it realizes high music playback ability. In addition, it is supposed that the user interface has been renewed according to this unit, and a simple menu configuration that can perform intuitive operation is adopted. Compatible formats up to PCM 384kHz, DSD256. The clock is a 45.158MHz/49.152MHz dual crystal oscillator, reducing the phase noise and jitter to -140dbc/Hz (1kHz offset). As a output terminal, one system is equipped with a 4.4mm balance, 3.5mm stereo, and a 3.5mm line. Furthermore, it can be used as an external DAC of the R2R method, corresponding to digital input and output via USB-C. The 2.45 -inch display is a touch screen and supports double tapping. The frequently touched volume knob was made of diamond cut. Two micro SD cards can be inserted as an external storage slot, 카지노사이트 and up to 2TB per slot, up to 4TB, which is up to 4TB. The battery capacity is 3,500mAh, with up to 10 hours of continuous playback (when screen is turned off 44.1kHz/16bit WAV sound source loop), up to 40 days of standby. The body material uses aluminum alloy. The external dimensions are 90.3 x 64.8 x 18.8mm, and the mass is 158g.

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