“3 high”

High -calorie

High carbo

High -cholesterol

Lunch last Sunday

Home delivery pizza after a long time

Because it’s occasional

To completely unhealthy

I also put on potatoes

Spread in your mouth

In a junk taste


Then … I ate recently

My favorite jelly 🍊

I’m usually Ginza Senbikiya … this time Kyobashi 📦️

After all it was delicious


Not in real time

It’s a story before

I’m thinking of buying it

I was …


It was postponed

Get Baccarat

Arabesque ball

The design is a pot.

It looks like a 바카라사이트/a> shaved ice bowl from a long time ago 🍧

It fits anything

It’s very easy to use

I’m glad I bought it

Finally … 🍂

Autumn -like sweets

It was delicious

So again

At 12:10 pm, I’m going to the express bus terminal to take the dawn bus. The bags and accessories in a large envelope are grabbed like treasures, and the police are not there. Their tired and exhausted shoulders are visible.

Today is the day when Changsik breaks up with his brother. Gunwoo came out earlier than his brother to take him to the bus terminal. Chang -sik said goodbye to his brother and came out. Until then, it was not possible to realize that Chang -sik broke up with his brother. I booked a bus to Granada and ate churus, which was famous at SOL Square, and the shorts I wore in Korea were torn and bought a pants.

Returning to the hostel and pressing the doorbell, something is empty. I did something and I didn’t have a motorcycle. feel empty. I have no brother who has always been back. I don’t have a brother who smiled and asked, “Are you here? What did you do today?” It looks naive and enjoys all kinds of extreme sports and has risked life with ridiculous passion. feel empty. It’s been only three days since I met, so why is there a lot of space that broke up in my mind?

The breakup is like a cold, so there is no prescription medicine. Just rest and have time. Even if you have caught, it takes again. No, it’s worse than a cold. It is not prevented. I came to this accommodation. As the time to leave is approaching, I feel sorry for the motivation of the training team. I came for nothing. I shouldn’t come to this hostel again.

I decided to see Gunwoo and Juhyun in Korea. Chang -sik decided to meet in Korea as soon as the trip was over. I should meet again when the inspiration of the trip is falling and the weight of life is crushed and forgetting memories and emotions. Yongin is not coming to Korea, so I don’t know when. I don’t know how to leave tomorrow after leaving tomorrow. I just have to leave as my brother says it’s right to leave when it’s best. I will go back to Korea and go back to where my brother is. There was a good reason to travel again.

After seeing the Alhambra palace in Granada, people in the hostel wanted to see it early.

In the hostel, Yongin had a brother. At first, Chang -sik went to his brother and later Aram’s sister. Then Gunwoo and Juhyun left. Paris had to book a plane, but I wanted to be a little more here. But if there was more, something seemed to be stretched. So I booked a flight today and chose the afternoon flight, not in the morning.

Yongin I wanted to be more. I didn’t want to leave here. I wanted to talk more with Yongin Lee Hyung. I wanted to be here. I was having dinner and new people came to the hostel. Strangely, it was not nice. I missed the people before. At 1:30 am, I finished my noisy drink and went to bed.

There was no room in the accommodation. There were people in the full accommodation that my brother could not chase. One person was on the sofa, one under the table, and I had a blanket from the floor of the room bed. Yongin Lee said he grew up in his bed. My brother said he would sleep on the floor, so he grew up in bed. I just put a blanket on the floor. I was sorry for sleeping in bed, so I couldn’t sleep.

The fire went out and the silence flowed. I asked my brother as I asked people while traveling. “You can’t worry about eating in front of you?” My brother replied. “Yes,” and then said. “People are worried about how to live, but I think it’s more important how to die. And I can get it if I am supported now. I felt my brother’s dignity. I thought that my brother was a celebrity. I humbly say that I am not, but isn’t it a celebrity if many people know? Celebrity is right. The question seemed to be a little wrong. I was worried about eating and eating, but I was not worried about my brother. So I didn’t just turn it back and told my brother about my situation.

“I don’t know what I want to do right now after graduating from school. I don’t know if I go to school and go to school. I don’t know how to live my life after the trip. I don’t know. I could get wider, but I want to make something fun even if I earn money when I make money. I want to make something and do something funny. If you have three times a week, 5 people, it’s 2.4 million won for a month already. Then my brother replied.

“No, it’s wrong. You can’t guide you to make money. If you guide you, the money is open. It’s me. Just try hard with your sincerity. Then there’s a person who knows you. He told me what he had happened in Australia.

“When I said that I traveled the world with 790,000 won in Korea, I was a person. I said that I couldn’t laugh at it. But my brother left. Even if I didn’t stop, it was a system that stopped, so people roughly filled the time. But there was one brother. He just worked hard. I went up and the work became fun, and then people laughed at us.

One day, the farm owner called me and praised me for being good at work. And I asked if I wanted to do anything else. My brother, who worked hard with me, asked me to get another fruit, and I wanted to work in the city, so I asked me to write a recommendation letter. So I went to the hotel casino and washing the dishes. There was only Korean there. It must have been a place where you can come well with English. But I could come because I had a recommendation letter from the farm owner. I washing the dishes in the casino and the money quickly opened. It’s not always the case, 슬롯나라 but if you make money sincerely, it will follow you someday. “

When I heard my brother, I remembered the story of Joseph, who was preached by the pastor at the Pohang Training Team. Even when Joseph was sold to a slave man because of his jealousy, he relied on God and lived faithfully. After listening to this story, I always lived in my mind and lived in the military, and I remembered that others received eight awards that were difficult to receive one or two. And my head was nodded. I am still in the idea of ​​what to do to go to Korea, but what is certain is that I have to be foolishly faithful when I do it.

Just as I traveled like that when I traveled like that, people would finger my fingers like that. But I don’t care. Most people who say that are not usually interested in me, and they spit out a word without knowing how much hurt my words are to me. So I’m right to treat him like that.

My brother told me before going to bed. People don’t use the word that they are really impossible. The word impossible means that it is very difficult. It’s very difficult to do it. So I think there is nothing impossible in this world. If you do it. He said that and his brother fell asleep. I listened to my brother and my heart jumped. I seemed to know why this brother was famous. He lived by challenging the truths of the very simple world. And the power of the words was amazing. I was not good at speaking. It wasn’t even funny. When my brother lived like that and talked about it, my head was nodded. And my brother was respected.

I woke up in the morning, and my brother was already waking up and doing households. It gave me the way to the people who went to the suburbs of Madrid. I was so tired that I went to Granada the day before. When I woke up, my brother was doing fried rice. I ate fried rice that my brother gave me and arrived at the hostel yesterday and talked about it. My brother slept on the sofa and took a nap. After taking a nap, I cleaned it again. I cleaned the toilet, cleaned the room and swept the corridor. Over time, people who went to Madrid began to return one by one. The quiet accommodation became noisy again. And the time to leave is getting more and more. My brother told me to eat one ramen in the evening. The food I ate when I first came to the hostel was ramen. I couldn’t eat breakfast at that time, so my brother boiled ramen. The first ramen I ate was so delicious and nice, but why didn’t you eat the ramen you eat when you go out? I didn’t want to eat even though there were two eggs. If you eat this ramen, you have to break up.

No one taught me how to break up. It wasn’t possible to learn by teaching someone. So I broke up without saying thank you to Yongin Lee. Why did you do so well for me who came to the same malls, why did you miss it because you couldn’t take care of others so uncomfortable, but I wanted to say what’s left. If you do everything you want to say, Chang -sik seems to cry like a brother, so I just went to the airport.

I had never been so sad to travel. It wasn’t so bad when I left the Eiffel Tower in my dreams, and when I left the cave of Kapadokia, who was homeless. Madrid seems to be unforgettable because of what happened in the Yongin heterogeneous accommodation, not because of anything else. It is already expected to be gathered again in Korea with the key to the Madrid accommodation that Gunwoo forgot someday. Madrid, it was fun.

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